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Communities who are at the frontlines of climate, environmental, and social injustices have the wisdom and the solutions to create systemic transformational change. Due to historic structural racism and bureaucratic inadequacies, these same communities lack access to the capacity and resources to implement their solutions. The Justice40 Accelerator will share information, resources, and capacity with frontline community organizations. These communities will be able to formulate projects and successfully apply to the Federal funding opportunities presented by the Biden-Harris Administration Justice40 Initiative.

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Our Core Partners - Elevate, Groundswell, The Hummingbird Firm, Partnership for Southern Equity and The Solutions Project -  are all working together to ensure the necessary tools and resources are in place for frontline organizations to be prepared to apply for federal funding through the Justice40 Initiative.

With gratitude to the Justice40 Accelerator supporters:

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We will be conducting information sessions on how the Justice40 Accelerator can support you in tapping into resources, tools and funds for your organization.  Information sessions are being held each week on Tuesday @ 6:30pm ET and Thursday @ 2:00pm ET.

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