Advancing Community-Led, Equity-Driven Climate Solutions with the Justice40 Accelerator

Communities at the frontlines of climate, environmental, and social injustices have the wisdom and the solutions to create systemic transformational change. Due to historic structural racism and inequitable systems that persist today, communities at the frontlines of the climate crisis face extensive barriers to access the capacity and resources to implement their solutions. The Justice40 Accelerator supports climate and environmental justice organizations in building their capacity, partnerships, and readiness to access government funding to implement community-designed solutions.

Our Vision

Anchored in love, service, and a sincere commitment to frontline communities— the Justice40 Accelerator seeks to leverage this moment to radically reimagine the existing government resource delivery system as a restorative and reparative framework that better supports Black and historically disinvested communities of color.

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Meet the Justice40 Accelerator Cohorts

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Our Core Partners

The Justice40 Accelerator was launched in 2021 by Elevate, Groundswell, Hummingbird Firm, Partnership for Southern Equity, and The Solutions Project and is implemented in partnership with Climate Innovation. These organizations are all working together to serve frontline community-based organizations in building the necessary tools, capacity, and access to resources in order to be prepared to apply for government funding.


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