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Communities who are at the frontlines of climate, environmental, and social injustices have the wisdom and the solutions to create systemic transformational change. Due to historic structural racism and bureaucratic inadequacies, these same communities often lack access to the capacity and resources to implement their solutions. The Justice40 Accelerator will share information, resources, and capacity with frontline community organizations. Accelerator participants receive support needed to formulate projects and successfully apply to the federal funding opportunities presented by the Biden-Harris Administration Justice40 Initiative.

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Accelerator Application Instructions

 Please review instructions prior to applying to the Justice40 Accelerator.

We understand that projects may be in all stages of formation given the uncertainty of federal funds to be available through the Justice40 initiative. We ask that applicants evaluate their responses to the following questions based on current conditions of your organization and project readiness in order to access appropriate and relevant Accelerator offerings to grantees. “I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable answer to questions where that is an option.

Please answer all the application questions to the extent possible.  Brevity is appreciated and answering in bullet points and/or short phrases are acceptable. Please also feel free to use responses pre-prepared for other applications or purposes.


Character count limits are there to provide as much space as possible where elaboration is needed - they are not intended to be a guide of expected response length. Once in the application, there is a button at the bottom to save and resume your application at a later time.

The estimated time to complete the application is 3 hours. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. Applications are due no later than 11:59 PM PST July 7.  Applicants will be notified by July 23 if they are being invited to join the Accelerator. Accelerator grantees will be asked to join a virtual orientation workshop in early August (date TBD).  Accelerator offerings will be available from August 2021 to March 2022. 

Thank you for your interest and best of luck!

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